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How to come to kit

1. From Incheon Airport to Gumi

Since kit is in Gumi, exchange students need little bit long travel.
So this is the cheapest and nicest way to kit that we suppose.
First of all, you have to take the airport Bus, if you can do this, you already did half of travel!
The Incheon Airport, as it is one of the biggest airport in the world, they provide nice shuttle bus to each city of Korea. And Gumi is in it.

map on bus stops

First you have to buy the ticket, as you can see on the map, there are some outside Ticket Offices. So you can buy tickets there. I think you might speak quite nice English, so there will be no problem to buy tickets! All you need to say is maybe "Gumi, one" (If you wanna buy for one person to Gumi)

The ticket price is 29,500 won. (Night bus would be 32,500 won)

This is time table of Bus

Time table of Bus

Actually, Gumi is the way station to DongDaegu. But you don't need to worry about that, The bus will go straight to the Gumi terminal so you just need to get off the bus at the first terminal where it stop.
There are some exceptions that I signed '*' after the time. It means there will be one stop more before Gumi, so you need to get off at second station. '**' means there will be two stops more before Gumi, so you need to get off at the third station that bus stops.
And the red ones are meaning night bus.

2. Gumi bus terminal to kit

Before you leave your country, the Buddies(mentor students of kit) will contact you, and you should tell them the arrival time at the airport so that they can expect the time you arrive terminal and they can come before you arrive Gumi. If you meet your Buddy, there will be no problem after that. So before you take the bus at the airport, please try to contact Buddies and let them know your departure time from Gumi. (Maybe Buddies will give you their phone number, or you can also use facebook messangers etc, so u can contact them by those things in Korea)