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Sweet and comfortable shelter, Dormitory

kit dormitory was established to provide students with convenience for study and contributes to improving students’ self-controlling ability and responsibility by sharing a space and fostering an academic atmosphere of the university.
The dormitory accommodating a total of 1,650 students is divided into the existing Pureum Hall built by the BTL private investment project and the new Oreum Hall.
Pureum Hall consists of four buildings and Oreum Hall is one building (accommodating 800 students); two more buildings are expected to be built by the BTL project. Rooms include single rooms/double rooms/quad rooms/rooms for the disabled. Every room is equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet, shoe shelf, air conditioner, telephone (extension), etc. Amenities include a cafeteria, lounge, fitness room, laundry room, sports room, gym, convenience store, etc.


Lounge / Fitness room / Laundeette /
Laundry room / Convenience store


Bed / Desk / Toilet

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Boarding Expenses
* Boarding expenses for fall semester 2017
Bldg. Room
2nd semester, 2017
Total Meal fee Maintenance cost
Pureum 2
(male only)
double 7days 455,850 531,300 987,150
5days 455,850 429,930 885,780
no meal 455,850 - 455,850
Pureum 3
(female only)
quad 7days 455,050 531,300 976,350
5days 455,050 429,930 874,980
no meal 455,050 - 455,050
Pureum 4
(male only)
quad 7days 455,050 531,300 976,350
5days 455,050 429,930 874,980
no meal 455,050 - 455,050
Shinpyeong double 7days 455,850 531,300 987,150
5days 455,850 429,930 885,780
no meal 455,850 - 455,850
* variable according to the conditions
The Kitchen For Students
  1. Service Hours : 07:00 ~ 22:00
  2. This kitchen is for foreign students who live in dormitory and for Korean students who live in Ohreum hall 3 building only. Korean students who stay in Pureum hall, Ohreum hall 1 and 2 building are not allowed to use kitchen. Any Korean students who break this rule will be punished according to K-RC rules.
  3. The international students are allowed to use only kitchen on the basement level of ‘Ohreum Hall 3 building’. If above rules are not followed, Students can be imposed penalty points according to the K-RC penalty criteria.
  4. Every kitchen utensils(oils, sauces, etc.) should be boxed with label(name, student number, contact, etc). This box should be cared on the student’s own responsibility.
  5. Keep the kitchen clean for other students.
  6. Try not to spill water around the water purifier.(Don’t put food waste, especially ramen soup). Before throwing away trash, students must separate the trash.
  7. Turn off all the electronic equipment and lights after using.
  8. If you keep foods in the refrigerator, put your name labels on it. (your name, room number, category, period should be written) - Any foods without labels could be randomly disposed.
  9. The K-RC is not responsible for any lost of food. So please take care of your own food.
  10. Restricted food such as alcohol, disgusting foods cannot be stored in refrigerator.
  11. Students can be imposed penalty points according to the K-RC penalty criteria if above rules are not followed.

kit Dormitory Penalty Point
Type Violations of Regulations Penalty
A 1. Theft or Sexual violence to others 10
2. Trans ferring the dormitory keys to a non-resident without prior permission 10
3. Unauthorized lodging 10
4. Removing or relocating fixtures and facilities at his/her discretion 10
5. Being suspended from school for a specified period of time 10
B 1. Changing assigned rooms arbitrarily and unauthorized occupation of a room 4~7
2. Unauthorized visit to rooms of the opposite sex 4~7
3. Unauthorized visits to other dormitory rooms 4~7
4. Drinking, gambling, assault, loud singing and talking 4~7
5. Improper behaviors causing trouble to others and damage to dormitory facility 2~5
6. Using heating appliances and gas-equipped goods 4~7
7. Indoor smoking 4~7
8. Stealing other’s food or helping people to steal food/assets 4~7
9. Entering the dormitory under someone else’s name or letting a non-resident stay 4~7
10. Smoking at an undesignated area 2~4
11. Leaving the dormitory in an untidy condition. bad condition of room cleaning, not cleaning the room when moving in and out 2~4
12. Making an illegal entry into the dormitory after closing time 2~4
13. Gaining entrance to dormitory or assisting others after closing time 2~4
14. To purposely cause damage or illegal activity to public network system 2~4
15. Not following the directions of the dormitory administrative staff including RA 2~4
16 Commercial, missionary or proselytizing activity 2~4
17. Laundry after designated time. 2~4
18. Leaving heating machine on when absent 2~4
19. Parking bicycles or motorcycles at an undesignated area 2~4
20. Attaching unauthorized flyers. 2~4
21. Bringing in or using unauthorized electric products including all types of electric heaters 2~4

  1. Student who commit type ‘A’ violations will be permanently banned from the dormitory.
  2. Student dismissed from the dormitory due to type ‘B’ violations will not be allowed to re-enter the dormitory for the next one year. .
  3. Penalty point will accumulate over one year. Students whose penalty points are up to 10 will be dismissed from the dormitory.