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Education for globalization
- kit


Forming opinion and discussion, Newspaper & Broadcasting Center

The education goals of kit is to nurture practical manpower which will contribute to the development of nation and human society by developing individual qualifications and leadership based on the founding principles through teaching and research of academic theories and applications.

The lessons learnt to be put into practice, Lifelong Education Center

The center operates 40 classes of college of social studies and education as well as 12 classes of the academic credit bank system, and gives local residents and workers an opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge and information needed in today’s society.

Foster the future of Korea’s Science Technology, Science Education Center for Gifted Youth

The organization is established to produce high -quality intellects and provide a differentiated environment for the education of local gifted science by cultivating gifted individuals in the fields of mathematics and science and utilizing great faculty in science and engineering college and cutting-edge educational instruments.

Shared growth with regional industry, LINC Project Group

The organization aims to cultivate excellent talented people and support the technical innovation of regional businesses by fostering various leading models of academy - industry collaboration. It makes use of campus supporting facilities to offer the customized AllSet program according to the growth stage of the enterprise.