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About Gumi

Gumi is located in the western part of Korea's North Gyengsang Province. It has a population of 400,000.The high-tech national industrial complex plays an important role in the national economy. It takes about 50 minutes from Seoul to Daegu by airplane. It takes 30 minutes by bus from Dagu to Gumi. It take 2 hours from Seoul to Gumi by KTX train, and 3 and half hours by express bus.

  1. The Nakdong River flows north to south through Gumi. Gimi has sufficient water resources and fertile farmland. It also is a naturally blessed land with such places of scenic beauty as Mounts Kumoh and Cheonsaeng.
  2. Gumi is the place where Buddhism first came to the peninsula during the silla dynasty. It also was the blossoming ground for Sung Confucianism and eventually gave birth to the Yeongnam Sarim School during the Yi dynasty.
  3. Gumi covers an area of 616.25 sq.km., covering 3.2% of North Gyeongsang Province. Its administrative districts are 2 eup (Seosan-eup and Goa-eupl 6 myeon, and 19 dong)

Gumi National Industrial Complex
  1. Gumi National Industrial Complex, called the Korean Silicon Valley or the mecca for the Korean Electronic Industry, belongs to the so-called Korean south-east region industrial belt containing major industrial cities in the region.
  2. Gumi National Industrial Complex accounts for 15% of the world products of the display industry, and their production of PDP's, LED's, and cell phones rank among the highest in the world.
  3. Gumi National Industrial Complex accounts for 11% of national exports and 80% of Daegu Gyeongbuk region exports, and achieved US$30 billion in 2006.
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