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Kumoh National Institute of Technology

kit Internal Scholarship

Many kinds of internal and external scholarships are provided to excellent students and economically challenged students so that they may concentrate on their studies.

For Int’l Students
Undergraduate • 30% out of all int’l students by level 1, 2, 3

Kit provides scholarships for international students. The detailed criteria, language proficiency score and scholarship duration will be decided later according to the yearly budget. Maximum 4 semesters of scholarships can be provided to international students only if budget allows for it.

Scholarship Type Amount of Scholarship Criteria
Type A Exemption from full tuition • For freshman, language proficiency test result only
• For enrolled student, language proficiency test result along with last semester’s GPA
※ Criteria for scholarship is subject to change according to the budget plan for each year.
Type B Exemption from 50% of tuition
Type C Exemption from 30% of tuition

※ The lowest level of tuition in Korean universities(approx. 1,900 USD per semester)