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Admission Guide

Eligibility Requirements for Application
Undergraduate School Freshman Admission International students with foreign citizenship whose parents both have foreign citizenship
Transfer Admission International students with foreign citizenship whose parents both have foreign citizenship and completed at least 2 years of undergraduate education and wish to transfer to the third year(junior) in undergraduate program at kit
*Students who went to community college must graduate from the school or must be on the list of candidates for graduation
Graduate School International students with foreign citizenship whose parents both have foreign citizenship and who have completed the entire elementary, middle, high school and undergraduate education. (Bachelor’s degree required for Master’s program and combined master’s and doctorate program / Master’s degree required for Doctoral program admission)
Language Requirements for Application
Undergraduate School
Level 3 550 210 80 5.5 550

* Korean language proficiency Test : applicants who pass level 3 Korean language test managed by Korean language education center of kit can meet the requirement.

* It is highly recommend for international students to have TOPIK level 4 grade before graduation.

Graduate School
Master’s Level 3 450 157 54 4.5 410 500
Doctoral (combined master’s and doctoral) Level 3 470 167 58 4.5 455 550

*For those whose nationality is USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or Republic of South Africa can be exempted from language proficiency test score.

Departments & Majors
Undergraduate School Graduate School
Mechanical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
School of Architecture
School of Industrial Engineering
School of Advanced Materials
Dept of Energy and Chemical Engineering
Social Infrastructure Engineering
Dept of Computer Engineering
Dept of Computer Software Engineering
Dept of Optical Engineering
Dept of Medical IT Convergence Engineering
Dept of Applied Mathematics
Dept of Business Administration
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineering
Mechanical System Engineering
Electronic Engineering
IT Convergence Engineering
Computer Engineering
Software Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
Polymer Science and Engineering
Materials Design Engineering
Energy and Chemical Engineering
Medical IT Convergence
Optical Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Business Administration
Required Documents
Required documents Undergraduate Graduate
Application formwith colored photo (3.5X4.5cm)
Application Fee → Free
High school graduation certificate
High school transcript
Language proficiency test score
Graduation certificate/Diploma and official transcript
Copy of alien registration card (if you have)
Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and parents
Personal statement
Study plan
Financial certification(Certificate of bank balance of over USD 10,000)
Letter of Recommendation
Copy of passport
Selection Procedure

Document screening only (no admission test is required)

Scholarship for international students
Sections Details
Outstanding Academic Scholarship Academic progress Ⅰ According to the KIT scholarship regulation and your grades from last semester Total tuition fee to be exempted
Academic progress Ⅱ approx.80 percentage of total tuition fee to be exempted
Academic progress Ⅲapprox.20 percentage of total tuition fee to be exempted

Kit provides scholarships for international students. The detailed criteria, language proficiency score and scholarship duration will be decided later according to the yearly budget. Maximum 4 semesters of scholarships can be provided to international students only if budget allows for it.

Scholarship Type Amount of Scholarship Criteria
Type A Exemption from full tuition • For freshman, language proficiency test result only
• For enrolled student, language proficiency test result along with last semester’s GPA
※ Criteria for scholarship is subject to change according to the budget plan for each year.
Type B Exemption from 50% of tuition
Type C Exemption from 30% of tuition

※ Students from the English native speaker’s countries are qualified to get Type A scholarship.

Exchange Student Exemption of room & board
Tuition Fee (2017 Standard)
  • Undergraduate Student : Approx. 2,000,000KRW
  • Graduate School Student : Approx. 2,500,000KRW
Overview of the Residence Hall
  • 2-bed or 4-bed dorm rooms
  • Facilities :Bed, dresser, desk, chair, free wifi
  • Student lounge, laundry room, fitness room in the dorm.
  • Dormitory fee
    • - approx.USD1,000 (including 2 meal a day)
    • - approx.USD500 (excluding meal)

※ Admission Inquiries and Document Submission

  • Undergraduate Student : Ms. Hyejin Kim (hjkim@kumoh.ac.kr)
  • Graduate School Student : Eugene Park (Eugene@kumoh.ac.kr)
    • - Office Phone : +82-54-478-7223
    • - Address : 61 Daehak-ro, Gumi, Gyeongbuk, South Korea, 39177

※ This guideline is originally written in Korean and translated in other languages. The Korean guideline prevails over translated versions in case of any conflict over the interpretation of this guideline.