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About kit

Kumoh National Institute of Technology

Vision of kit

kit cultivates future-oriented creative individuals for hope and growth for tomorrow
In 2015, kit has newly established a future-oriented vision to match the current status as a glocal university based on philosophy and ideology that continued ever since the foundation. With the new vision based on traditional ideology and concept of talent, kit will take a step forward as a university specialized in growing creative talents.
University centered on
  • Basis for training of future talents
  • Reinforcement of basic educational capabilities in students
  • Convergent practical engineering
  • Specialization on industryuniversity cooperation
University of R&BD for industryuniversity- research-government cooperation
  • Master’s and doctoral programs based on industry-university cooperation
  • Research to lead new industries and markets
  • Strong industry-university cooperation
  • Innovative management and financing
University centered on employment, startup and learning (3 UP)
  • System to reinforce general capability of students
  • Improvement on support systems and indicators
  • Cultivation of challenging, leadership and entrepreneur spirit
  • Reinforced internationalized education system
University that shares with local community
  • Creation of research complex nearby campus
  • Increased community volunteer
  • Creation of open campus
  • Transition of Sinpyeong-dong Campus into a mecca of industryuniversity convergence

Ideal Student of kit
Founding Philosophy

The fundamental value a university has to pursue is the quest for truth’ and the meaning of human existence can be confirmed by creative activities; and the honest attitude is the basis of growing into genuine persons.

Educational Goals

The education goals of kit is to nurture practical manpower which will contribute to the development of nation and human society by developing individual qualifications and leadership based on the founding principles through teaching and research of academic theories and applications.

Educational Objectives