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About kit

Kumoh National Institute of Technology


kit is prepared to become a "Proud Kumoh" with hope and dream and an internationally -respected engineering college. Now we will make a new history through science and technology as a leader in creative economy.

President of kit

Since the foundation in 1980 as a university specialized in engineering, kit has cultivated practical and creative engineering talents necessary for the development of national industry. To make a big push, kit has been committed to the growth of students, faculty members, regional communities, and national scientific technology through the advanced curriculum and education programs.

kit has been recognized for having infinite potential for growth, a high-quality practical education system, and a high employment rate. From 2013, we set a new goal to become an R&BD specialized university for cultivating creative engineers. Therefore we are going to elevate the status as the most powerful national engineering university by developing scientific technology and multifunctional talents, leading the industry-academy cooperative research based on challenging and creative spirits, and becoming a glocal university with regional communities.

Future education should focus on nurturing creative talented individuals and contributing to the development of regional communities. To this end, universities have to make innovations in the fields of education, research, and cooperation of academy and business. Matching the changes in universities, kit changes the education system to develop sufficient experience-based self-directed engineers, and strengthens the foundation for developing regional communities and the nation by training multifunctional.

talents with right personality and leadership. kit and I will make all efforts to become a global university that improves the future through communication with all members of university and local communities.
Thank you.